Purchasing a Pre-Owned Boat

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Brokerage Vessel


Purchasing a pre-owned vessel on the Brokerage market is a great way to obtain a quality, well maintained boat at a substantial discount. The yacht brokerage market bears many similarities to the real estate brokerage market. Buyers and Sellers are each represented by their Broker who represents their interests in the purchase. This service is provided at no cost to the Buyer since sales commissions are borne by the Seller.

  • Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales will assist you in finding the most suitable vessel at the best price.
  • Geography is no barrier. We can find you the perfect boat whether it's sitting in Cape Cod or Miami.
  • A Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales representative attends all survey(s), inspections and sea trials.
  • We are familiar with all facets of the brokerage process including surveys, tax laws, documentation, offshore registry, marine finance and insurance.
  • We coordinate delivery of your new vessel to its new home port as well as assist you and your crew with training and maintenance.